Internet of Things – Are you ready to integrate?

With the advent of low-cost Internet-of-Things (IoT) SoCs from various manufactures the possibility of integrating WiFi capabilities in to your product becomes a very pratical and cost-effective possibility.

In many cases, where your product relied on wired, or ISM modem technologies to communicate, you can now easily embed WiFi capabilities to offer your customers ease of connectivity to your solution.

With IoT, you can configure your product to support several connectivity methods with which an end user can connect to your product: A WiFi access point, WiFi Direct or connect your product to an existing access point.

Despite the low cost and size, today's IoT devices offer modern authentication, security and encryption methods including WPA, WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise.

Modern WiFi modulation standards such as 802.11n are supported to allow for ease of connectivity. When operating in Access-Point mode, the IoT SoC can provide a DHCP server that can automatically assign IP addresses to end-user devices connecting to your product.

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